Our Pledge to You…

dental clinic team pledge to patients

Our pledge to you is to provide the most personalized, effective dental care possible. Caring for your individual dental health is part of our larger goal of improving & supporting the overall health of the community. Dental health is deeply linked to your general health, so the happier & healthier we can make your smile, the stronger our community will be.

We fulfill this pledge in the following ways:

Respect for Your Schedule

Chances are you don’t think of going to the dentist as a convenient & easy experience. We want to change that for good. We are committed to offering our patients preventive care appointments that fit with their busy schedules. We don’t want you to ever have to miss work or pull your children out of school for a teeth cleaning. That’s why we offer teeth cleanings outside of normal work & school hours to ensure you can see us regularly. If your next appointment is not scheduled at a time that is convenient for your, let us know, & we will do our best to get you in at a time that respects your schedule.

Respect for Your Concerns

We’ve been working in dentistry long enough to know that many people have anxiety or fear about dentistry, & that these feelings can come from many different sources & be expressed in many forms. We promise to always do our best to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible by listening to your concerns & adapting to accommodate & alleviate them. We know that how comfortable you are at our dental clinic is tied to how healthy we can keep your smile. Never hesitate to let us know how we can put you more at ease!

Respect for Your Budget

We understand that the cost of dentistry can be intimidating for many patients. Please rest assured that our staff is trained to maximize all dental insurance benefits to ensure insured patients pay as little out of pocket as possible. For example, teeth cleanings are free for all insured patients at our dental clinic. And remember, not only is preventive care the most affordable kind of dentistry, it also saves you lots of money in the future by ensuring you don’t need any expensive restorative or gum disease treatments. We also provide dental coverage options for patients without insurance & financing options to make sure you get the care you need without having to stress about the cost. An investment in your smile always pays off!


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